Copyright Policy

Texts published in the “Ekonomista” journal are protected by copyright. Under appropriate agreements, the authors of the texts grant the co-publishers non-exclusive and royalty-free licences to use their works, among other to be published in the "Ekonomista" journal published in traditional and electronic form. The authors further consent, inter alia, to:
  • provide, free of charge, the texts (works) submitted for publication in the "Ekonomista" journal under a license with provisions based on the template of the CC-BY 4.0 license ("Attribution 4.0 International") as well as any other language version of this license and/or any subsequent version of this license published by the Creative Commons organization, including in Open Access mode under the terms of the aforementioned licence;
  • grant further sub-licences under the aforesaid model CC-BY 4.0 licence to third parties, both in respect of the works themselves submitted for publication and in respect of other materials, including derivative works or derivative works containing or based on the work;
  • use and dispose of derivative works; upload works and metadata of works to commercial and non-commercial journal index databases;
  • post works or extracts thereof on the journal's website; to distribute the works in a manner allowing anyone to access them from a time and place of their own choosing without technical restrictions; and to publish works in the journal for commercial purposes, i.e. in connection with its sale against payment.
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