Review procedure

1. „Ekonomista” does not charge authors any fees for manuscript submission or article processing/publishing.

2. Submitted papers are assessed on the basis of reviewers’ opinions that are prepared in a double-blind peer review procedure.

3. Articles are reviewed by at least two reviewers who are experts in the subject matter covered by the journal’s profile.

4. In case of reviewers’ conflicting opinions, the paper is referred to a third reviewer for a conclusive review.

5. Reviews are in writing and contain a clear conclusion as to whether or not the article can be accepted for publication.

6. Papers are assessed in accordance with uniform evaluation criteria that are decided by the Editorial Board and given in the article evaluation form.

7. Papers are evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:
- compliance with the profile of the journal
- original content
- innovative research methods
- scientific soundness

8. Reviews form the basis for the Editorial Board decision (accept/reject) regarding submitted papers.

9. Possible Editorial Board decisions are the following:
- The article qualifies for publication.
- The article requires minor corrections and will qualify for publication once these are made.
- The article requires major corrections and needs to be re-reviewed once these are made and before it can be qualified for publication.
- The article does not qualify for publication.

10. Final versions of papers should take into account suggestions and comments of the reviewers. If not taken into account, then an explanation should be offered.

11. Papers after major revisions are sent to reviewers’ asking for substantive changes.
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