Mephistopheles at the Controls of a Helicopter : a Warning from the Adair Turner's Latest Book
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Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie
Ekonomista 2016;(3):421-425
On the last pages of his book Between Debt and the Devil Adair Turner states that "Pre-cri-sis orthodoxy treated free market private credit creation as by definition optimal and fiat money creation as in all circumstances dangerous - the work indeed of the devil". Now we know that the devil, whose licensed job is to tempt people, might sue them to court, because they tempted themselves to create a highly destructive credit-intense model of economic growth. The price for yielding to this temptation was paid in form of the global banking crisis and the Great Recession it caused. The title of Adair Turner's newest book suggests that governments in Japan and some Eurozone countries are so overleveraged that it may be necessary to follow Mephistophelian advice and fund their budget deficits through overt money financing to avoid more public debt accumulation. The book's general message is that policy makers should seek a less credit-intense growth model than the one dominating since the 1970s. (fragment of text)
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